Today ADISASO GROUP has diversified into multiple segments with a strong presence in the National and International network in countries like Colombo, Qatar, Maldives and Canada.

           We are into: 

  • Manufacturing Aluminium Alloys and precession components parts
  • Trading of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals like Aluminium Scrap, SS Scrap, Copper Scrap, Sodium Cryolite, Carbon Block etc. 
  • Automotive Automation
  • Agro Commodity exports
  • Edible oil business- Cold Pressed oil, Groundnut- Sesame and Coconut oil
  • Education sector –  More than 10 years of experience. Own Preschool brand- New East London International Preschool. 

Metals Category


We deal in Aluminium alloys which is one of the most widely used metals across industries. The metal alloy forms the base component in manufacturing industries of consumer durables, castings, construction line, transportation, etc. Our quality product has provided us a growing list of satisfied and content clientele.


We are also in the trading business of Graphite. Graphite is a known raw material used in the manufacture of batteries, electrodes, and solar panels are amongst the many. We are a reliable supplier across India to the listed and esteemed clients.

Chemical Products

Sodium Cryolites – Our list of trade products also has sodium cryolites, a very commonly used synthetic power used in various industries like, Aluminum treatment, glass industry, casting technology, automotive industry, etc. We ensure the supply of high-quality Sodium Cryolites to give the best results expected.

AdiGrow Export - Agriculture Products


Fresh & Healthy

100% Natural



We bring you the platter of green vegetables from the farms of Western and Southern India. The vegetables are procured directly from the farms and brought at your doorstep. The care is taken to keep the freshness and goodness intact while transportation and shipment.  We also focus to bring the best product from their indigenous farmland to get the best nutritional value.



India is one of the largest fruit growing country with wide variations available in taste and aroma. Keeping in mind the indigenous characterstics of each fruit we ensure the best quality produce reaching our customer. We also promote sesonal produce to safegaurd the nutritional value in the best possible manner.


Exotic Vegetables

In current scenario the food habbits are changing and so is the customer demand. Keeping the customer at forefront we also have introduced the supply of Exocit vegetables grown in the expert supervision. The farmers are trained and their ancestral farming expertise utilized to grow these products. 


Spices and Condiments

India is known for the produce and use of spices and condiments since ancient times. Indian spices are an integral part of the wide variety of Indian cuisine. Extending this to the global platform we are glad to supply the best quality products.


Cereals And Pulses

Pulses, Rice & Wheat are the staples is the base of any meal. High quality and naturally grown cereals and pulses are procurred from the local producers/ dealers. Post procurement we ensure smooth and seamless suppy to our esteemed and listed customers.


Sugar And Sugar Products

Sugar is an important ingredient of food product and is high source of energy. It is an integral part of manufactured products and can define the product quality and shelf life of the same. Jaggery nowadays is coming in the forefront as a healthy option for sugar. We have both the products to capture different segnments of the golbal market. 

Adiral - Edible Oil Categories

New Launch

Foodstuffs created by the use of Coconut Oil have a scintilating flavour and aroma. Something with Adiral edible Coconut Oil will always provide an amazing aroma with memorable taste. Adiral edible Coconut Oil has been created keeping in mind the health expectations of our consumers. It has to be pure and unadulteterated something we at Adiral follow as arule. produced with the tried and trusted cold press method, assuring nutritional qualities originally and naturally. Adiral edible Coconut Oil is packed with antioxidants and natural elements against ailments. At adiral, we make products with the almost care and concern for our end consumers.

New Launch

Known for its extremely nutritional values for ages, Adiral Groundnut Oil is produced keeping in mind it’s traditional values and importance. Adiral Groundnut Oil has high antioxidants content and ‘Good’ fats assuring a Healthy Heart and assisting in maintaining low blood sugar levels. Made from high-quality peanuts, sourced from the best of farm products, we make sure to maintain the quality. Produced by the traditional cold-press method, it allows us to maintain its nutritional value from plant to product. At Adisaso, we believe in the adage ‘Health is wealth’, therefore we take utmost care regarding product quality and consumer expectations.

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